Fall into place


(sweater: Bik Bok – jeans: Pac Sun – boots: vintage – vest: vintage – and my good ol’ Fjallraven backpack)

Tuesdays and Thursdays will probably be the death of me this semester. I get up in the dark, and start my mental prep as I dive head first into a day full of classes, running back and forth between, not only buildings, but campuses, and somewhere in between all that I like to squeeze in an hour of pilates. Like last fall, last winter, and actually all last spring (because Nebraska decided to be freezing), my uniform looked a little bit like this. Sweaters and jeans tucked into my jeans.
These boots I actually snagged from a vintage shop in Omaha, and while they are a. Men’s, and b. a size and a half too big, I love the look and feel of the solid black leather as well as the perfect midi height. With a tendency of buying shoes that are too tight, I always enjoy a pair of boots I know I can fit several layers of socks in, if needed. Maybe if the weather decides to warm up just a tiny bit again, I’ll be able to wear my summer skirts with these bad boys for a few more weeks. Mixing summer and winter pieces is one of my favorite pasttimes, and the few weeks that allow for such shenanigans are just pure bliss.

Also, I must confess that I am a little embarrassed that my very first outfit photos are mirror selfies at the University’s gym locker rooms, but you take what you got, I guess…


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