Fall preview

In many ways, fall is my very favorite time of the year. As soon as I emerge from the initial “summer is over” sadness, I am overcome of the great joys of cool air, the return of all things pumpkin and fall collection hitting (online) stores all around me. Fall is definitely my stylistic time of year; the only time when the retail assortment really reflects my personality. Layering, jewel tones, boots, leather, heavy knits and large scarves, it all speaks to me. The return of burgundy, forest green, navy and charcoal whispers dangerously at me, and I find scrolling through thousands of items, when really I should be focusing on more important aspects of my future. Still, the only time that can compete with the introduction of fall wears is early spring, when they all go on sale! You’ll find me pulling jeans and sweaters out of my closet, frantically trying to match all those socks together again, as sandal-season bids its goodbyes.

This fall my style approach is to have no style approach. Why should I? Everything goes! Feminine pieces mixed with the masculine. Mixing textures like there’s no tomorrow.  Metallic and matte. Scandinavian strict minimalism with American free-spirited pieces. New, old, vintage, cheap, expensive, borrowed.

In my good autumn spirit, and because I have an exam tomorrow which I am expertly ignoring, here are some of my favorites, and most coveted pieces from Asos’ webshop.

Tie-dye Velvet Overalls, Burgundy Boyfriend Coat

Cheap Monday booties, Cotton Aran Knit Sweater Dress

House of Hackney carpet print dress (anything resembling a Persian rug instantly has my approval) , Kimono dress
Long sleeves and short hemlines; count me in!

Crop Turtle Neck Top ( I am not over crop tops quite yet), Full Midi Skirt in Tartan (I will be searching Goodwills all over town for this baby’s look-alike)

(this post is in no way sponsored)


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