Indian Summer

IMG_4438 IMG_4442 IMG_4450 IMG_4455

[Shirt: J. Crew – Shorts: BDG – Boots: Dolce Vita – Necklace: Cubus]

Behold, my first round of actual pictures. Surprisingly enough, after a day and a half of chilly weather and rain, the summer decided to come back around again. But seriously, September should not be this hot. Thinking I would be fine to bike, I did just that, and in the end, I was not fine to bike. 30 minutes and five miles after making such a dreadful decision I stumbled into my classroom covered in sweat, shorts soaked from last night’s rainfall, completely unprepared to get up in front of the class and do some real-time presenting. Pit-stains and all. Really though, from 50s to nearly 100 in just one day?!

Still, I do enjoy the opportunity to wear my boots with bared legs like an awkward Norwegian cowgirl. And can we talk about J. Crew’s Vintage Cotton t-shirts? I picked this one up on sale this summer, and even after a runaround in our fatal apartment coin-dryer, it still fits and feels like the best basic piece I have ever owned. If it wasn’t for my University-student budget my dresser would be filled to the rim with these babies. I don’t see me ever growing out of my love for good quality jeans and t-shirts.



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