Cats and boots

IMG_4509 IMG_4516 IMG_4537 IMG_4548

[Dress: Indiska – Shirt: Vintage – Boots: Vintage – Sunglasses: Ray Bans]

For some reason my hair has been wacky crazy lately. But seriously, I have baby hair problems like you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t even realize how absolutely extremely glowing the halo of hair I was sporting yesterday was. This weekend literally consists of work, and then homework. The weather is finally perfect, cool and sunny all at once, and I can break out my favorite pieces of clothing without worrying about the wrath of Nebraska weather. There are probably only about 10 days a year where I am not fighting against wind to keep covered up, sloshing through snow, slush or water, or doing my best not to perspire my way through every layer of clothing on my body.

I guess I wouldn’t call this weather  fall yet, but I have had a large enough sampling of the autumn weather to have started to welcome all things orange, cozy and fuzzy into my life. Instead of doing homework I am looking up pumpkin recipes, and all of a sudden I have a real dilemma when trying to decide whether I want my coffee hot or iced. I am also trying to find a legitimate reason to take a break from studying to drive myself to Trader Joe’s and stock up on healthy fall-appropriate goodness. However, I am out almond butter, so that might be a reason in itself.

And these glasses… After spending years and years trying to decide what Ray Ban sunglasses to get myself, and after wrecking numerous pairs of plastic spectacles, I finally caved in and got myself the round 3447s. Of course now I am in love, and already considering buying myself another pair in gold, now that I know that they are no longer being produced. But is it worth it? Probably..


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