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Can we talk about my complete inability to act like a real human in front of the camera? But, really, I’ll think I’m ready for my close-ups until I see the lens and every ounce of confidence I once had melts into a small puddle of monkeyness in two seconds. Also, all my awkwardness comes into play, all at once, as I try to tackle curling irons and vintage pants all at once. Of course my hair looks the best immediately before I crawl into bed at night, and of course I realize how much better these pants look pulled up further just as I am taking them off.

Well, I am officially past the midpoint of my semester, and I am moving from 15 to 19 credit hours over the weekend; Fun Stuff. How have I helped myself prepare for the next eight weeks of busy? Jeffrey Campbell and H&M and a large carton of Dolce Gusto capsules. Seriously though; a few shipments of boots, sweaters and coffee and I am good to go. Also, counting down the eight little weeks until I get to fly home to my family and puppy does help my mental state a whole lot.

As far as fashion goes, I have been a whole lot of talk, and not too much walk, lately. While it is hard to be inspired in a town full of athletic t-shirts and flip-flops, the ever-changing weather has had me reaching for jeans and some oversized knits in the early morning hours. While I am not at the point of flashing a full University Uniform (sweatshirt, yoga pants, uggs), I am definitely not at my prime. Come on, Katrine. Come on, Lincoln!


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