(vintage, Clarks)

Ever since my boyfriend told me how stupid he thinks feet pictures are, I have been dutifully filling up my phone with photographs of my feet. All to his anguish and my entertainment. I guess this is what I needed to realize how many pairs of shoes I really have.

Last week, in my first session of Web Design class, we were asked to tell the rest of the class what our secret guilty pleasure is, and shoes was the very first thing to come to mind. However, I guess I can’t say that it is much of a secret.

So far in my life I have traveled quite a bit more than the average 20-year-old, and packing shoes is always the hardest part it. Always. At the moment I only have two and a half weeks before I head off to New York City for a long weekend filled with ad agency visits and vacation time, and I am already stressing out about what shoes to pack, and how to fit them all. Packing for fall is always the hardest as well. Winter is fine, usually I just bring my one pair of sheepskin-lined Blackstone boots and one or two pairs for formal indoors wear, that’s no problem. Summer isn’t too bad either, a pair of walking shoes, sandals and a pair of heels. Done. Fall, however, is my favorite season because all of a sudden I can utilize most of the pairs in my closet, and I feel the need to bring boots, booties, oxfords, high-heeled oxfords and a few pairs of heels. Spring is the exact same way. While they are my favorite because of the comfortable weather and extreme versatility, they are the hardest for packing. Oh the first world problems we suffer..




(dr. martens, Marc by Marc  Jacobs)20131103-154122.jpg





(both Jeffrey Campbell)



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