Miami Beach


Skort: Sheinside – Birkenstocks and denim shirt I picked up at TJMAXX at some point last year.

While I do love the fall and while I am enjoying every moment of it at the time being, I do find myself looking back at photos and videos from this past summer and wishing I could return. Family vacations are always my favorite, and two weeks in Florida with my favorite people was exactly what I needed after a busy semester and two months of retail work. As pale and white as I naturally am, it seems to always surprise those around me when I do develop a natural tan, and I love those months when I don’t feel any need to wear makeup.

And this skort followed me around all summer. The flattering and interesting cut in the front combined with the comfort of shorts is perfect for my restless body. I am still debating whether I need them in black as well, or if I should splurge for a few other colors.

While I am a sucker for classic cuts and high quality materials, Sheinside is perfectly affordable to satisfy my trend-based needs. This Givenchy-inspired rottweiler sweater might just be my next wardrobe addition. However, the white tiger is a tough competitor.



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