Sweater: vintage, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Dr. Martens, Hat: Indiska

October might be over, but we are still basking in all that is pumpkins and pumpkin flavored. Pumpkin Spice Eggo waffles has been our latest addition, after enjoying all kinds of baked goods, coffees and pumpkin ales. The weather in Nebraska is bipolar as always, but mostly it is bringing great things to my life, and making my mood better by the day. Cool winds, warm sun and vibrant trees, I couldn’t be happier!

And of course the chance to wear my big floppy hat, even though my boyfriend seems to despise it.

Today I am watching hours of Art History lectures online, and later I will battle the rest of the city over the limited amount of parking spots downtown. Of course the one day a week I work is the one day there is a football game going on in the same area.

In my busy busy schedule, I am just waiting for the 99 cent sale day to return to Goodwill, and to find some free time to browse the stores; I love the return of darker colors and heavier textiles. Also, I will be on the antique lookout for a large wooden table in an attempt to organize my working schedule and habits at home.


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