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[ blazer – thrifted; dress – Cheap Monday; shoes – Vagabond; watch – Michael Kors ]

November came out of nowhere. I am in the midst of a busy University semester, learning all kinds of things I had no prior knowledge of. This is my first full fall in Nebraska, and so far I am in love. While I miss the gloomy streets and warm cafes of my beloved Oslo, the weather here has been exactly to my liking. After a few days of rain and cold air, a small burst of summer entered and I had time to spin around in the sunshine for a few hours.

There’s something weird about living in a small and fairly conservative town. I am used to going unnoticed, being able to wear whatever I want and not feel weird about it, but here everything is different. I get off the bus and see older women looking me up and down before wrinkling their nose in disgust. I see girls my age whisper and point, and I have no way of telling whether it is negative or not. This houndstooth blazer is one of my favorite thrifted finds, and cost me 99 cents at the Goodwill years and years ago.

In less than two weeks I leave for New York and I am just starting to plan and think about what I want to see in the short and limited time I have there. Getting away from school and responsibilities for a few days is going to be wonderful, and I am hoping to explore and experience as many new places as I possibly can. NYC is one of my favorite places on earth, and I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will have the opportunity to move and work there within the next few years.
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