January blues





[ jacket – sheinside;  jeans – lee; boots – vintage ]

After a month of finals and three weeks at home in Norway I have returned to Nebraska, reality, and a ton of schoolwork. Nebraska is hitting me with some absurd weather yet again, and after a day of 67 degrees and sunshine, followed by today’s “eh”-ness and 40 degrees, I am bracing myself for the real cold of winter, and enjoying the few days I can wear this beautiful Acne-inspired coat from Sheinside. The navy blue is perfectly unexpected but still neutral enough to wear with everything I owned. Combined with my favorite vintage boots I felt just lazy enough and just tough enough for a day off spent drinking coffee and doing homework veeery slowly.

As always, I have spent too much time and too much money on a variety of new year’s sales. I am still searching for the perfect basics but steeply discounted pieces makes it so much easier to allow myself to welcome a few crazy items into my closet. Long cardigans, pinstriped slacks and crazy patterned dresses have already settled nicely into my strange collection and I can’t wait for some stable weather to bring them all out to play.



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