spring fever

110414_2IMG_7727 110414


Months have passed, hair colors have changed, twice, and new responsibilities have been undertaken and added to the resume.

While I was nervous about the brightness of this red, I don’t think I have ever received more compliments on anything. Bright copper red roots paired with a slight blonde ombre turned out to be the perfect spring makeover I needed. And while I was originally planning on bringing the blonde back for summer, I might keep up with the dyeing and rock the red for a bit longer. Nothing like a darker color to highlight the extreme paleness of my skin.

With season changes come wardrobe updates, and this month I am all about the one pieces. Like these black overalls from asos, which are only one of the four new onesies acquired in the last few weeks. I am also all about dainty polka dots and black lace on black; spring colors have never been my thing.

I currently have two weeks left of school and three weeks until I leave and go back to Norway for the summer. My life as a student is definitely passing faster than I can comprehend.





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