spring fever

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Months have passed, hair colors have changed, twice, and new responsibilities have been undertaken and added to the resume.

While I was nervous about the brightness of this red, I don’t think I have ever received more compliments on anything. Bright copper red roots paired with a slight blonde ombre turned out to be the perfect spring makeover I needed. And while I was originally planning on bringing the blonde back for summer, I might keep up with the dyeing and rock the red for a bit longer. Nothing like a darker color to highlight the extreme paleness of my skin.

With season changes come wardrobe updates, and this month I am all about the one pieces. Like these black overalls from asos, which are only one of the four new onesies acquired in the last few weeks. I am also all about dainty polka dots and black lace on black; spring colors have never been my thing.

I currently have two weeks left of school and three weeks until I leave and go back to Norway for the summer. My life as a student is definitely passing faster than I can comprehend.





January blues





[ jacket – sheinside;  jeans – lee; boots – vintage ]

After a month of finals and three weeks at home in Norway I have returned to Nebraska, reality, and a ton of schoolwork. Nebraska is hitting me with some absurd weather yet again, and after a day of 67 degrees and sunshine, followed by today’s “eh”-ness and 40 degrees, I am bracing myself for the real cold of winter, and enjoying the few days I can wear this beautiful Acne-inspired coat from Sheinside. The navy blue is perfectly unexpected but still neutral enough to wear with everything I owned. Combined with my favorite vintage boots I felt just lazy enough and just tough enough for a day off spent drinking coffee and doing homework veeery slowly.

As always, I have spent too much time and too much money on a variety of new year’s sales. I am still searching for the perfect basics but steeply discounted pieces makes it so much easier to allow myself to welcome a few crazy items into my closet. Long cardigans, pinstriped slacks and crazy patterned dresses have already settled nicely into my strange collection and I can’t wait for some stable weather to bring them all out to play.




IMG_5765 IMG_5796

[ blazer – thrifted; dress – Cheap Monday; shoes – Vagabond; watch – Michael Kors ]

November came out of nowhere. I am in the midst of a busy University semester, learning all kinds of things I had no prior knowledge of. This is my first full fall in Nebraska, and so far I am in love. While I miss the gloomy streets and warm cafes of my beloved Oslo, the weather here has been exactly to my liking. After a few days of rain and cold air, a small burst of summer entered and I had time to spin around in the sunshine for a few hours.

There’s something weird about living in a small and fairly conservative town. I am used to going unnoticed, being able to wear whatever I want and not feel weird about it, but here everything is different. I get off the bus and see older women looking me up and down before wrinkling their nose in disgust. I see girls my age whisper and point, and I have no way of telling whether it is negative or not. This houndstooth blazer is one of my favorite thrifted finds, and cost me 99 cents at the Goodwill years and years ago.

In less than two weeks I leave for New York and I am just starting to plan and think about what I want to see in the short and limited time I have there. Getting away from school and responsibilities for a few days is going to be wonderful, and I am hoping to explore and experience as many new places as I possibly can. NYC is one of my favorite places on earth, and I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will have the opportunity to move and work there within the next few years.
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Miami Beach


Skort: Sheinside – Birkenstocks and denim shirt I picked up at TJMAXX at some point last year.

While I do love the fall and while I am enjoying every moment of it at the time being, I do find myself looking back at photos and videos from this past summer and wishing I could return. Family vacations are always my favorite, and two weeks in Florida with my favorite people was exactly what I needed after a busy semester and two months of retail work. As pale and white as I naturally am, it seems to always surprise those around me when I do develop a natural tan, and I love those months when I don’t feel any need to wear makeup.

And this skort followed me around all summer. The flattering and interesting cut in the front combined with the comfort of shorts is perfect for my restless body. I am still debating whether I need them in black as well, or if I should splurge for a few other colors.

While I am a sucker for classic cuts and high quality materials, Sheinside is perfectly affordable to satisfy my trend-based needs. This Givenchy-inspired rottweiler sweater might just be my next wardrobe addition. However, the white tiger is a tough competitor.








(vintage, Clarks)

Ever since my boyfriend told me how stupid he thinks feet pictures are, I have been dutifully filling up my phone with photographs of my feet. All to his anguish and my entertainment. I guess this is what I needed to realize how many pairs of shoes I really have.

Last week, in my first session of Web Design class, we were asked to tell the rest of the class what our secret guilty pleasure is, and shoes was the very first thing to come to mind. However, I guess I can’t say that it is much of a secret.

So far in my life I have traveled quite a bit more than the average 20-year-old, and packing shoes is always the hardest part it. Always. At the moment I only have two and a half weeks before I head off to New York City for a long weekend filled with ad agency visits and vacation time, and I am already stressing out about what shoes to pack, and how to fit them all. Packing for fall is always the hardest as well. Winter is fine, usually I just bring my one pair of sheepskin-lined Blackstone boots and one or two pairs for formal indoors wear, that’s no problem. Summer isn’t too bad either, a pair of walking shoes, sandals and a pair of heels. Done. Fall, however, is my favorite season because all of a sudden I can utilize most of the pairs in my closet, and I feel the need to bring boots, booties, oxfords, high-heeled oxfords and a few pairs of heels. Spring is the exact same way. While they are my favorite because of the comfortable weather and extreme versatility, they are the hardest for packing. Oh the first world problems we suffer..




(dr. martens, Marc by Marc  Jacobs)20131103-154122.jpg





(both Jeffrey Campbell)





Sweater: vintage, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Dr. Martens, Hat: Indiska

October might be over, but we are still basking in all that is pumpkins and pumpkin flavored. Pumpkin Spice Eggo waffles has been our latest addition, after enjoying all kinds of baked goods, coffees and pumpkin ales. The weather in Nebraska is bipolar as always, but mostly it is bringing great things to my life, and making my mood better by the day. Cool winds, warm sun and vibrant trees, I couldn’t be happier!

And of course the chance to wear my big floppy hat, even though my boyfriend seems to despise it.

Today I am watching hours of Art History lectures online, and later I will battle the rest of the city over the limited amount of parking spots downtown. Of course the one day a week I work is the one day there is a football game going on in the same area.

In my busy busy schedule, I am just waiting for the 99 cent sale day to return to Goodwill, and to find some free time to browse the stores; I love the return of darker colors and heavier textiles. Also, I will be on the antique lookout for a large wooden table in an attempt to organize my working schedule and habits at home.


Margot oxford


Oh, Mr. Campbell. Thanks for breaking my heart and saving my life all at the same time.

4.5 inch stacked, chunky heel and tribal/animal printed pony hair goodness.

While the semester is already halfway through, fall is still an excuse to buy “back to school” clothes, including really beautiful and really impractical footwear. Most of the time, I realize that I am in complete denial of the state I live in, and how it behaves. I swear I was looking for some medium-height black, sturdy, leather booties, but then Margot came along and the rest is history.

Whatever, animal print is a neutral.