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Can we talk about my complete inability to act like a real human in front of the camera? But, really, I’ll think I’m ready for my close-ups until I see the lens and every ounce of confidence I once had melts into a small puddle of monkeyness in two seconds. Also, all my awkwardness comes into play, all at once, as I try to tackle curling irons and vintage pants all at once. Of course my hair looks the best immediately before I crawl into bed at night, and of course I realize how much better these pants look pulled up further just as I am taking them off.

Well, I am officially past the midpoint of my semester, and I am moving from 15 to 19 credit hours over the weekend; Fun Stuff. How have I helped myself prepare for the next eight weeks of busy? Jeffrey Campbell and H&M and a large carton of Dolce Gusto capsules. Seriously though; a few shipments of boots, sweaters and coffee and I am good to go. Also, counting down the eight little weeks until I get to fly home to my family and puppy does help my mental state a whole lot.

As far as fashion goes, I have been a whole lot of talk, and not too much walk, lately. While it is hard to be inspired in a town full of athletic t-shirts and flip-flops, the ever-changing weather has had me reaching for jeans and some oversized knits in the early morning hours. While I am not at the point of flashing a full University Uniform (sweatshirt, yoga pants, uggs), I am definitely not at my prime. Come on, Katrine. Come on, Lincoln!


Cats and boots

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[Dress: Indiska – Shirt: Vintage – Boots: Vintage – Sunglasses: Ray Bans]

For some reason my hair has been wacky crazy lately. But seriously, I have baby hair problems like you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t even realize how absolutely extremely glowing the halo of hair I was sporting yesterday was. This weekend literally consists of work, and then homework. The weather is finally perfect, cool and sunny all at once, and I can break out my favorite pieces of clothing without worrying about the wrath of Nebraska weather. There are probably only about 10 days a year where I am not fighting against wind to keep covered up, sloshing through snow, slush or water, or doing my best not to perspire my way through every layer of clothing on my body.

I guess I wouldn’t call this weather  fall yet, but I have had a large enough sampling of the autumn weather to have started to welcome all things orange, cozy and fuzzy into my life. Instead of doing homework I am looking up pumpkin recipes, and all of a sudden I have a real dilemma when trying to decide whether I want my coffee hot or iced. I am also trying to find a legitimate reason to take a break from studying to drive myself to Trader Joe’s and stock up on healthy fall-appropriate goodness. However, I am out almond butter, so that might be a reason in itself.

And these glasses… After spending years and years trying to decide what Ray Ban sunglasses to get myself, and after wrecking numerous pairs of plastic spectacles, I finally caved in and got myself the round 3447s. Of course now I am in love, and already considering buying myself another pair in gold, now that I know that they are no longer being produced. But is it worth it? Probably..


Indian Summer

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[Shirt: J. Crew – Shorts: BDG – Boots: Dolce Vita – Necklace: Cubus]

Behold, my first round of actual pictures. Surprisingly enough, after a day and a half of chilly weather and rain, the summer decided to come back around again. But seriously, September should not be this hot. Thinking I would be fine to bike, I did just that, and in the end, I was not fine to bike. 30 minutes and five miles after making such a dreadful decision I stumbled into my classroom covered in sweat, shorts soaked from last night’s rainfall, completely unprepared to get up in front of the class and do some real-time presenting. Pit-stains and all. Really though, from 50s to nearly 100 in just one day?!

Still, I do enjoy the opportunity to wear my boots with bared legs like an awkward Norwegian cowgirl. And can we talk about J. Crew’s Vintage Cotton t-shirts? I picked this one up on sale this summer, and even after a runaround in our fatal apartment coin-dryer, it still fits and feels like the best basic piece I have ever owned. If it wasn’t for my University-student budget my dresser would be filled to the rim with these babies. I don’t see me ever growing out of my love for good quality jeans and t-shirts.



Fall into place


(sweater: Bik Bok – jeans: Pac Sun – boots: vintage – vest: vintage – and my good ol’ Fjallraven backpack)

Tuesdays and Thursdays will probably be the death of me this semester. I get up in the dark, and start my mental prep as I dive head first into a day full of classes, running back and forth between, not only buildings, but campuses, and somewhere in between all that I like to squeeze in an hour of pilates. Like last fall, last winter, and actually all last spring (because Nebraska decided to be freezing), my uniform looked a little bit like this. Sweaters and jeans tucked into my jeans.
These boots I actually snagged from a vintage shop in Omaha, and while they are a. Men’s, and b. a size and a half too big, I love the look and feel of the solid black leather as well as the perfect midi height. With a tendency of buying shoes that are too tight, I always enjoy a pair of boots I know I can fit several layers of socks in, if needed. Maybe if the weather decides to warm up just a tiny bit again, I’ll be able to wear my summer skirts with these bad boys for a few more weeks. Mixing summer and winter pieces is one of my favorite pasttimes, and the few weeks that allow for such shenanigans are just pure bliss.

Also, I must confess that I am a little embarrassed that my very first outfit photos are mirror selfies at the University’s gym locker rooms, but you take what you got, I guess…


Fall preview

In many ways, fall is my very favorite time of the year. As soon as I emerge from the initial “summer is over” sadness, I am overcome of the great joys of cool air, the return of all things pumpkin and fall collection hitting (online) stores all around me. Fall is definitely my stylistic time of year; the only time when the retail assortment really reflects my personality. Layering, jewel tones, boots, leather, heavy knits and large scarves, it all speaks to me. The return of burgundy, forest green, navy and charcoal whispers dangerously at me, and I find scrolling through thousands of items, when really I should be focusing on more important aspects of my future. Still, the only time that can compete with the introduction of fall wears is early spring, when they all go on sale! You’ll find me pulling jeans and sweaters out of my closet, frantically trying to match all those socks together again, as sandal-season bids its goodbyes.

This fall my style approach is to have no style approach. Why should I? Everything goes! Feminine pieces mixed with the masculine. Mixing textures like there’s no tomorrow.  Metallic and matte. Scandinavian strict minimalism with American free-spirited pieces. New, old, vintage, cheap, expensive, borrowed.

In my good autumn spirit, and because I have an exam tomorrow which I am expertly ignoring, here are some of my favorites, and most coveted pieces from Asos’ webshop.

Tie-dye Velvet Overalls, Burgundy Boyfriend Coat

Cheap Monday booties, Cotton Aran Knit Sweater Dress

House of Hackney carpet print dress (anything resembling a Persian rug instantly has my approval) , Kimono dress
Long sleeves and short hemlines; count me in!

Crop Turtle Neck Top ( I am not over crop tops quite yet), Full Midi Skirt in Tartan (I will be searching Goodwills all over town for this baby’s look-alike)

(this post is in no way sponsored)